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The Most Popular Types of Humidors

Nowadays, a great number of people use the so called humidors, but before discussing the most popular types of humidors today, it would be useful to define what a humidor is in its sense, as many people reading this article may hear about this term for the first time in their lives. Well, today humidors are considered the spaces which have controlled humidity, and are used mainly for storing different items which can be ruined if kept if the severe humidity for a long period of time. These items can include, for example, cigarettes, cigars, and the semi-processed tobacco which is generally sold to those people who make pipes out of it. As far as it is known, tobacco is extremely sensitive to big changes of temperature where it is stored. Exposing tobacco to great changes of temperature will undoubtedly ruin it. So, it's very important to store tobacco in the place where the temperature and humidity can be easily controlled. The best spaces for storing tobacco products are humidors.

The contemporary market offers the humidors of different shapes, designs and sizes. In this way, you can find small humidors the size of which equals several cubic inches. In this case, the humidor has the shape of a small box-like structure which can be easily located on your table, in the bag, etc. one can also purchase very big humidors the measurements of which can reach the size of a huge room or even a building. In case of the room/building filling humidors, the latter is not just a 'stand-alone' structure which can be brought in; but it is mainly the room or the building. But this room of building is specially redesigned as a humidor and its major function is dive the space for storing tobacco and to control the humidity conditions in it.

Nowadays, there're many organizations producing and selling different kinds of humidors. In the contemporary market, the humidors are subdivided into different types according to their size. And according to this criterion, five major types of humidors can be defined: table humidors, room humidors, travel humidors, cabinet humidors, and personal humidors. Nevertheless, not all of these types of humidors are in great demand among customers, some types of humidors, however, are the most popular ones among people.

So, the most popular humidors are personal humidors which are mainly modest in size, and are mostly bought by cigar lovers. The personal humidors are the most useful for the people who prefer to purchase cigars in bulk, but who are at the same time not heavy smokers. These humidors can be used for storage of tobacco products during several months or even longer. This is the period of time the level of humidity can change for many times. A typical personal humidor can offer space for up to seventy cigars.

Another type of commonly purchased humidors is table humidors. They are somewhat bigger than the personal humidors and can give space for several hundred or even a thousand cigars. Table humidors are extremely popular among cigar sellers.

There're travel humidors which are also widely used by numerous customers. These humidors belong to the category of personal humidors but have specialized characteristics for travelling. These humidors give space to a less number of cigarettes and cigars than the typical personal humidors which are designed for home usage. In this way, if a typical personal humidor has enough space for seventy cigars, the typical travel humidor can locate 10-40 cigars. The other two types of humidors - room humidors and cabinet humidors - are not so popular as the higher mentioned humidors and are designed for large scale applications.