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Advantages And Variety Of Wide Calf Riding Boots

For many decades and even hundreds of years women of many countries of the world have had a great variety of different boot styles to wear in autumn and winter. Unfortunately, despite such a great choice of women's boots, women with larger legs, even those women with just slightly larger calves had to wear only shorter boots as the standard boots turn out to be too tight for comfortable wearing. However, nowadays, a great number of manufacturers produce a wide calf riding boot that can be suitable for women with wider calves as well.

Wide calf riding boots can have any style or color you can only think of. Thus, you can purchase traditional English designed riding boots or those with a western look. Some such boots are produced from heavy duty cloth, canvas or even man-made materials. Still, many wide calf boots are made of expensive natural leathers. You can find smooth and elegant riding boots as well as a more Oxford type of styling. Do you like boots with buckles and ankle straps? You can have wide calf boots decorated with them as well! Add you style with lace up or zip-up fastenings. Still, some traditional and classic styles of riding boots offer a lace up area at the front of the ankle, these boots are often called field boots and will be an excellent sports addition to your wardrobe.

Some other characteristics of riding boots are the heel size and the toe shape. Traditional riding boots have low heels, which are generally less than one inch tall, as well as the toe which is usually slightly tapered from mid foot to a somewhat rounded toe. Extra styles of these boots offer a squared off toe or a very rounded toe. Unfortunately, you'll not be able to find these riding boots with too sharp or pointed toe on. It means that they are excellent for people with any width of feet from narrow to very wide. You'll be surprised by the boots of the Oxford styles as they offer a two tone or dual color toe as well as a heel piece that has a unique contrast to the rest of the boot. Being far from traditional, these boots are rather comfortable for everyday and formal occasions. In addition, you can choose from a great variety of colors and styles of slacks, jeans, skirts, and leggings to add to your stylish boots.

Generally, wide calf riding boots cover the leg down to slightly below the knee. It mostly depends on the definite brand and style of boots and can range from 12 to 14 inches. The upper part of these boots may be squared off or it may taper to the back, offering a riding boot appearance especially in combination with a skirt or leggings. Leggings will look extremely stylish if added with black or dark brown boots as well as some of your favourite fashion accessories. Choose a longer duster style jacket, a rather long riding jacket or just an oversized button down shirt of your father and put on your leggings. Look into the mirror and you'll see that you're ready for riding to any type of event.

If you want your wide calf riding boots to fit you perfectly, consider if there's a stretch type inset or panel on the inside of the boot. This panel is usually elastic or the upper part of the boot is made of a stretching material that simply embraces the legs giving the necessary comfort and style. So, you're welcome to choose from various materials, styles, and colors of boots and have a perfect outfit.