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Redshelf: Advantages And Characteristics Of Egyptian Cotton

During the last three centuries, the mankind of the whole world has enjoyed the usage of Egyptian cotton which still remains the greatest competitive advantage of Egypt. It's true to say, that this cotton has gained reputation of the "best" cotton in the whole world due to a number of benefits like softness, redshelf durability, strength and many other excellent characteristics, look https://www.housewithbride.com/redshelf-reviews.html. So, there's no doubt that Egyptian cotton has been defined as the world's finest one.

However, the upper named advantages of Egyptian cotton are only few among other numerous benefits offered by this material. So, why is Egyptian cotton the world's finest cotton. Let's answer this question basing of the major characteristics of Egyptian cotton that differ it from other natural fibers:

First of all, the length of Egyptian cotton offers an opportunity to create excellent yarns which would also be extremely strong as well. By the way, the strength of this fiber also plays an important role as it makes Egyptian cotton more solid and resistant to different kinds of stress. It's necessary to mention that this material perfectly absorbs all kinds of liquids. Besides, Egyptian cotton is made with the usage of brighter, deeper, and more resistant colours. Its softness is just a separate topic, as you'll find no softer material in the whole world!

It's interesting to know that Egyptian cotton is hand-picked that guarantees the highest level of its purity. Besides, hand picking leaves no stress on Egyptian cotton, while because of mechanical picking the fibers can become straight and intact.

So, these are the major factors due to which the Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best cotton in the whole world. Contemporary manufacturers use Egyptian cotton for making other kinds of fabric, as a result, they get much softer, durable and finer fabrics in the world.

What Is Thread Count And Why Is It Important?

Well, the thread count is the number of threads used in every square inch of a fabric, including cotton. Briefly speaking, the higher the thread count, the more soft, dense and luxurious the material will be. It's also important to pay attention to the quality of the yarn while choosing the necessary type of cotton. Let's discuss different types of cotton based on the number of threads.

120-180 Thread Count

This number of threads is the most suitable for creating clothing or other items for rentals and domestic use. This material can be found in hospitals, and can be perfectly used in a spare room and where a more natural material is required.

200 Thread Count

This is light percale cotton which is good for the usage in summer. It's often used in hotels, as well as households. It's ideal for domestic and contract usage where cool crisp bed linen is required and the owner has a limited budget.

400 Thread Count

This type of cotton is of the greatest demand among the customers of all backgrounds. It is soft and more substantial Egyptian cotton percale in comparison with the 200 count. It's highly appreciated by people for its excellent feel, wonderful look and durability. This material is most often used in numerous hotels in many countries.

600 Thread Count

This is a really exclusive fabric that is made with the usage of compressed air technology during the weaving process. It's an extremely beautiful, luxurious, soft and smooth fabric, often chosen by rich people all over the world.

800 - 1000 Thread Count

This kind of cotton will offer you true luxury, lustre, and fullness of fabric. This is surprisingly robust and at the same time silky weave, that looks extremely beautiful and turns out very durable after many years of usage.